There She Goes Again: Sinister Evil

There she goes again.
I watch her every time,
Every time she falls in love,
Love that would never last.

Last spring there was Jimmy.
Jimmy told her he needed a break,
Break-in bones was how he was found,
Found at the seashore by Mr. Burks.

Burks-ville is our town,
Town men get paid daily by tourists,
Tourists that still fall under her trap.
Trap that she sets every month.
Every month, one man is prey.

Prey. I’ll use that to describe Tomen.
Tomen loved her evil ways,
Ways only known to her.
Her vile nature was not to be recounted.

Recounted tales are what we tell now.
Now Tomen wanted to play one night.
Nights like this hide sinister evil.
Evil that befell Tomen.

Tomen was found with his eyes pulled out,
Out in the courtyard, his head lies.
Lies she told, when asked for his body.
Body? Bloody carcass I mean.

Mean little thing she was. And alive.
Alive. Well Tomen is alive. Not!

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