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Queen Ree Lamar

Overwhelmed by the joy in my heart
Sending cold shivers down my spine like it’s winter
I wanna write about one of God’s marvelous works of art
I wanna write about you Queen Rita
You such a beautiful soul! All thanks to your daddy and mummy
I swear, you deserve a six-months+, twice in a year vacation in Miami
Rita, angels live in heaven, but I don’t know what you’re doing on earth
Well maybe there’s a God-given mission you’re here to unearth

Each time you’re in the kitchen to cook
I just sit like a kitten and look
Cos I know that others cook, but you perform kitchen magic
And at the end you produce something very aromatic
Your food alone should be recommended as enough “Multi-vite”
For anyone who doesn’t have an appetite
I can always eat till I’m full of delight
So full that I’ll no longer hunger from morning till night

If anyone wants to define “beautiful”
I’ll refer them to you cos you know better
Your intelligence is so so plentiful
That others be coming to you cos you’re the pacesetter
Your smile is as bright as the sunrise
You definitely do have the best
You don’t need to compete with others cos you’re the prize
You’re so special that you always beat and outshine the rest

I always admire the way you’re so keen
It’s not a wonder why you’re a queen
You’re so focused, you distract your distractions
When bad vibes come, you show your abstraction
I don’t know why I’m close to you but it’s more than just an attraction
That’s why I love it each time we have an interaction
Rita… God forbid that I lose you as a friend
Not now!…. Not ever!…. Not until this world ends!

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