Wonderful just like the Ogbunike cave
As holy as Jesus Christ
Righteous like Prophet Muhammed
Protective just like Olumo rock
Beautiful like the Owu Falls
Accommodating like the Idanre Hill
A real man in question
Not dreadful like the spirit from Utuabak
Enemy to women violence
From the forest of Nanka, he acquires joy all alone
The joy, he spreads
Fought sadness in the hill of Abriba and valley of Ohafia
Conquered sadness and get smile in return
His hard earned smile, he shared with fellow human
Father, husband and son to the wife
Father, uncle and siblings to the children
A real man in the making
Family comes first in anything
Walk clean in the society
Integrity on a 100%
Cheerful giver
A real man
When not around, missesd by many
When around, everything looks good
A real man dies
His legacy lives on
A real man
A 100% man

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