Home Coming

Have been away for 12 months
From the people I call my own
To the land I can’t call my own
But I have to live with them
Mingle with them
Having in mind that
They are also my own

It’s a task I came here to do
The message was clear from the start
To serve my country
With dedication and selflessness
Since here is still our own

This is what I pledged
Yeah, I know
To give my all, do my best
Genuine service
Seconded by humility
Yeah, I know

Sure, it also lingers in my mind
That ‘I cannot come and kill myself’
For a country
Psychologically, economically
and physically derailed

This I’m not proud of,
It hurts that those are the words
I and many could use on my country
But I do believe in a better country
Where peace and justice would reign
The one I can be very much proud of
My prayers and good actions
Be rest assured

I think I’ve done well
Over the course of my service year
Of course, I’ll miss the people around me
But it’s time to call my people
And let them know that
I’m coming home.

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