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Welcome to UNIZIK (Okofia) (Part 2)

Have you ever been to Unizik?
Trust me, it’s not a place for the weak
A place where you can be so prepared
Yet you still fail
Where the lecturers never care about how you fare
And you tryna explain yourself, all to no avail
Our student-being is totally impaired
Yet we still labour on… we still travail.

Let me tell you something about Unizik
Something very very bleak
A student dies today, tomorrow there is a morning lecture
A lecturer dies today, tommorow is a day free of no lectures
That really hurts my emotional being
And I can’t help but ponder and wonder, ain’t the student a human being?
They should also treat us with a little respect
At least for the dead ones of us, that’s what they’d expect

Welcome to Unizik, where if you ain’t rich
There are opportunities close to you but you can’t reach
A federal school made for only rich
Who somehow turns others to a grinch
A school where you study about 40 topics
Only to see questions from 4 topics that are ascerbic
Their exam questions are so toxic!
I think we are all allergic

My Unizik! A place where if you ain’t rich
Or at least have good looks to speak of
My dear…. you no reach
To love someone or say you’re in love
Some of us experience depression
Different forms of oppression
Yet no one seems to find the solution
Damn!…. I can’t wait for my convocation!

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