The Inevitable

Ko, ko, ko!
Alumontu knocks from behind my window,
Whispering his ugly beautiful voice into my hear,
“Man its time”
I fought with the whole strength in me,
But he was too powerful for me to overcome.

He fed me with his venomous nourishing drink,
And took me away, or probably murdered me,
Escorted me with rhythms of tombak, cymbals and strings,
Away from my abode
I toil the meadow night to night,
My heart kept hammering and gosh out the painted H2O,
I wrestle the struggles of mussels in my vein,
And the opo squashes of hash reign on my neck,
Where I feed on thorns and thistles.

He took me to live in a vault,
And changed my name to a corpse,
where I now live far away from my pain and gain,
Far away from my sorrow and my joy,
Away from my accent ascetic liabilities,
Now in a serene tranquility,
Where I live and dine alone,
In my little vault
Down the meadow I once sink on.

Behind the window,
Where I am restricted of my normalities,
No friend to visit corpse again,
Those girls I made to squat and made me cum
Forgot me all!
What have I done?
Or left undone? What is my sin?
That makes you treat brutally.

You only can stop the wickedness of Noah’s generation,
And his descendant,
You are our cruel lovely master—
hiding behind the heart of men,
You never say a word,
Unless if you knock,
Treats the squit and prosperous alike.

If I had known;
I wouldn’t have answer your call,
But its inevitable!

Alumontu— a Yoruba name for death.
Ko, ko, ko—an onomatopoeia for knocking.

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