It is the first day of the working days
Energy seems triggered for the day
And grasses rise for the day
Waiting for illumination in arrays
Like season queues its day.

An open moment of the day
Bill for strength to sustain the day
Wow, it’s Monday for embedded forte to scale the day
For happiness to start the day
In the monsoon where the birds
Seek rest from for days.

The rising of the sun
Made the day fitting
For strategies to fit in
Like gas in a cylinder.
An ointment for Monday.
The moon day
For its rays to rest
On an entity that
Made is path lighten
By the sun from where it rises.

Let doubt go down to hell
Let it not be entangled with your day
For Monday explains
The theory behind your day
For happiness to reside in rest of your days
Like momentum reside in motion
For glaring hope to welcome your joyous Monday on right dew for the day.

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