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The Depressed Soul

How will I dance when thousands of needles hurt my heart,
What is the joy of a merry dress worn upon a tattered soul,
When the sky was blue, I saw a thick romance-able black,
When they see rainbow, I either see a burning furnace or a thick flame,
They make fun and dine on merry candies coated with joy on their face,
But for me, I stay alone with my perforated heart and irrational thoughts—
Outside the camp, where I dine too,
I dine on leftovers of princes an Queens, outside the camp, with the lepers!

How will I dance, when the sound of the music sounds in my head
Like the barking of dogs that scare me away!
When my heart itself was depression and my only hope is execution!
How will I dance, when my soul is fading away to the sky and you know not!
How will I dance?

My loveable! The one I love, if I die, do not cry for me!
I love you, but the pains and agony treats me with more love,
I tried not to love them, but they showed me much love that got my heart entangled,
If I fly like birds and auro into thick light or darkness away from the preying eyes of men,
Dining with the angels that wore either white or black in that blue sky above,
If possibly I was laid in a self contained apartment, punishing me for my suicidal act,
You can wear clothes that remind me the colour of my sky ‘black’,
But Amanda do not cry!

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