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NUC: Notin Una Chop

Amala don turn eba
for inside Naija.
Dat is why head dey scata
for pipo wey no dey live for Yaba.

Wetin consen chalk with panadol
wey som pipo wan take am for head pain.
Wetin consen wata with alcohol
wey pesin go com high for deir brain.

E be like say fly don shit for inside som pipo head
Wey be say dem com see stone dey call am bread.
Dis no be Satan and Bros J o
wey be say stone fit turn bread o.

Pipo wey no get teeth to chop beans
com dey form say dem chop kwili-kwili.
Lie lie pipo, notin una chop.
Mek una no think say beer parlor na workshop.

If say evritin neva jaga-jaga
how pesin wey no get mouth
go dey tok to pesin wey dey repair mouth.
As e be so, gbege don yakata.

Bad belle pipo evri where
dem no go rest till rapa go tear.
Dem no fit chop fish
dem no go gree mey pesin chop liver.

Dem go dey blame baba
as if dem too na mama.
No respect again for naija
as pencil dey do gra-gra wey razor dey.

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