Nigeria by Adedolapo Uthma⁩n on ZenPens

The sun shines in the mountain
The night is far away
The cool breeze of the harmattan is all I feel
Ink your thought, I thought
Inking my thoughts seems critical like a dying patient
Now I nailed it
O yeah! I inked it

The thought of my dear country
The country of confusion
The country of bloodshed
The country of zero harmony, peace and unity
The country of utmost immortality

How confused and lost we look in this country
Even the Creator must have gone wearisome our atrocities
I wonder what keeps the Creator waiting to destroy this country
For Sodom and Gommorah never did this worse
Where did we get it wrong?

Our problems starts just like a little pond
Diatom to algae
Algae to protozan
Until man is given birth to
Evolution occurs in our political ideology
Leading to a greater problem
Now we are in deep mess

Can we go back to the old days?
Days when life was simple and good
Days when success has its true definition
Days when our collective priority was for a better humanity
I pray for this to come in earnest
But I’m afraid it will never come
For because the love we once share is long lost

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