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My Two Coloured Queen

I vowed the day before to moderate my expectancies
Cos meeting her for the first time wasn’t much of an ecstacy
Impeccable beauty and elegance, to me then was just a fallacy
I had no drive, no mojo and hence I left reluctantly

I slowly discovered her tender features that were perfect and rightly made
Hence the need for a come-back like a team with a dreadful break
I fell immediately like a rod immersed in a stream or lake
Visible, yet wet and deep I made a claim to her heart without a stake

Her blue eyes radiated and her skin denied its disorder
Having depigmentation was rare but surely it brought us together
Her vitiligo was conspicuous yet I adored her
Some ignored but I knew beauty was in the eyes of the beholder

Her folks were wealthy but she felt ”without joy, what then is money”
I slowly brought back a smile that was lost in years of sadness and inferiority
I told her she was perfect, beautiful and my love was for eternity
I wore her a crown she already had, with love, affection and deep intimacy
She laid her heart, a quick feedback, she gave me love and royalty

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