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A Sweet Art to a Sweetheart

What you mean to me is what I mean to write.
I mean, of a life whose life radiates light,
A wonder woman with the wonders of a woman.
A superwoman the superhuman.

Your heart is where my art belongs,
A beauty to behold, a place to belong,
So sonorously sweet like a beautiful love song,
And if this love is a song, I’ve already sung the song.

She sat and watched my infant head,
From her blissful bosom I had my daily bread,
She gave my life a new meaning to life,
The womb man who begot the man; the one who was birthed on November 5.

I am Ayomide!
The joy that comes in the morning,
your son in the afternoon.
Your ray of light in the twilight; your break even in the evening,
And in the fallen night, I am your risen moon.

Celebrating sweetness is celebrating you,
The reality of a dream come true,
Today is all about sweetness, it’s all about you,
What a sweet time to celebrate the sweetness of you.

“This Sweet Art is dedicated to My Sweetheart;_
Chief Mrs. G.A. Inufin.”

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