For those who believe in love
And for those who disbelieve in it
All agreed on one thing
Love that breaks you still keeps you together
Love that creates distance still brings you closer
Love that is true and forever is real
But difficult to find

Cupid, Eros, I call on you
I put this question to you
Arise, wake,
Answer this
Man greatest strength and weakness is love
Is that the truth?

O ye the gods of love
Is it true that
In the hamlet of one’s heart beats the strange dum dum of the drum
Globally seeked by people
Deep in rainbow colour
With a voice of nightingale
With steps radiating sunlight
With a palanquin of cooling shade
Seeking the moon amidst dark clouds
Listening for the mute winds song
Unseen to the eye
And yet it is everywhere
Its promise of appearing in dream
Keeps sleep far from the eyes
Breath taken quickens
Pulse becomes fainter
Is this the bitter truth?

Gods of love, I call on thee
Re-assure us
Will this come to pass?
You told us to hang on, you told us to wait for our time
You told us that love will find it way to our sides
Impatiently, people are waiting

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