Well Paid

Souls to mourn
with tearless eyes.
And souls to scorn
with gruesome wiles.

The devil is lucky
to have them all.
He is very happy
to see them fall.

Servants of hell
increase and swell.
With message to tell,
they are happy to dwell.

And hell’s pillars
got painted with killers.
With Lords and Templars,
the devil became a sealer.

Working witches and wizards,
walking troops of frogs and lizards.
Assembled in a thousand square yard
to go forth and be the hazards.

Each assigned to every man
to accomplish their master’s plan.
To bless with fame and fans
and power to outlive a ban.

Hell, O gracious hell!
waxing strong with all that fell.
And promised mansions with no cells,
millions entrapped without spells.

Even the righteous
became loyal traitors.
And the fervent courteous
were proud transgressors.

Evil became a merchandise
sold to all without prejudice.
Hell became a paradise
for those who were treated with injustice.

Sin brought comfort
to lawless cohorts.
And evil became a sport
played with joy and support.

The sinners’ wages were glorious,
arts and crafts most precious.
With the golden crown of Taurus,
souls cheered the anon chorus.

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