Sacred by birth among the Yoruba people
One soul contained in two bodies
Inextricably linked in life through destiny
Said to bless anyone who receives them with joy and happiness
Taiwo, the younger of the two but first to be born
Kehinde, the older but last to be born
Mysterious being they are
Bad omen they are regarded as in the early days
Thanks to Mary Slessor
Two they say is better than one
Originated from Isokun
Mokeys relative they are
From one tree branch to another they hop and jump
Landed in a wretched man’s place while jumping
Wretched man misfortunes turns to fortunes
Commander of honour to their parent
Unwelcome sight to stepmother
Emperors of two empires
Every parent’s wish
Ibeji as they are fondly called
Everything double
Twice the laughter
Two times the adventure
Double blessings
Double joys
Twice the noise
Greatest adventure they are
Wouldn’t you love to be parents to twins?

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