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Don’t Check On Me

I promise to be your Romeo while you be my Juliet,
I promise to be the beauty and you be the holder,
Be the one that hustle and you be the one that spend the money,
I want to to be the range to your river,
I want to buy you Gucci van to take you shopping,
I wanna be the soldier to the border of your country
I want to hold you tight like a folder,
I want us be together like in a debate,
To relate,
Wherever I go I want you to be with me,
Even if I am going to Malaysia, or Morocco,
Jericho or Mexico,
I want you to be my shell while I be the snail,
All to show that I am loyal.
I want you to relax on my chest,
I want people to give our love the best remarks,
To my bank account I want you to be like a fraudster,
I want our name to be written together like consonant cluster,
I want you to be my wòlí Emmalout, the source of my laughter,
All to show you how much I am loyal as a lover,
I promise never to break your heart like Jesus did to the unleavened bread,
I promise to hold you tight in my arm in the winter,
And to shower you with air in the summer,
All to show how I am loyal!

You told me you will do the same,
You told me you will be my Délé while I be the wòlí Àgbà,
But, you spend more stupendous time with Àrèmo Gucci,
Six months of grace have passed,
And you never called me back,
So don’t check on me,
Even if I am struck down by illness
Or if you hear that I have choose to live alone in Hades,
Don’t check on my carcass or my relatives.
Because when I am loyal you are unloyal.

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