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Cracked Wall

Situations have reached their brim:
Elixirs, we were once called
But now, toxin with a wicked grin
Anchors the affairs of our growing cold cord.

Knives and knaves
Severely sever our bond.
You call me your other half,
But you dance to their lyrics falsely formed.

Yesterday, just yesterday;
You called me a mistake.
Why was all I could say,
A slut you called me for heaven’s sake!

We were nocturnals,
We would talk till glowworms pave way for dawn.
With the emergence of their talks, it became optional.
Clearly, I see doom until they are done.

Until, you stop listening to mouths
That won’t stop talking…
Mama said when I went to the south,
Mouths that won’t stop talking, lie till you are stuck in.

Their lies have stung like bees from hive;
You gave them a free slot.
I am being deprived of my smooth love life.
Ade, you called me a slut!

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