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Ant Dey Flex

Ant dey flex
Na because e see light untop desk

Collect him mask of agility
Make you for see broken limb with no ability

You go find beneath that him buz
Empty threats like nylon under harmattan breeze

Yeye dey smell
Feed am that Mobil smell

Shey e no dey hear
Na only for ear;
It get mind to sing
Like say him no say you wash am klin
With cotton buds
Oh those bugs!

Make reason you him poison
No reason am, na him lesson

Open the door by one hour past ten
So that him go dance enter like hen

Allow am sing small come perch
Then stand up come belch

Collect the coil and crouch
Strike lighter like say na match

Lock door go flex outside
Allow this insecticide
E get why
Because na him body go come lie

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