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I in Hi Over Thai

People keep saying hi
Starts messages
And Thai
Starts massages.

A hundred times,
I will pick Thais
In straight line
And it won’t tie with his.

Your hi was different!
It made the being called I
To crawl out of her shell
Without caring about the places,
She has once called hell.

Butterflies fluttered,
They were loosed from the cage
Where they weren’t allowed
To create their spectacle.

The cloud wore the apparel
Of cloud nine,
Love apparently shone in great red
Like processed minerals in mines.

Then, you popped the question
And it created the effect of
Champagne in my heart—
Will you be mine?

I no longer need massages,
Your messages keep me fitted;
Fitted to run this race of love
With you by my side.

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