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How To Break A Heart

Her eyes kept winking at my ignorance, and at that moment, my brain lost its primary function. Her artificial blonde hair fell on her oval face, and her hazel eyes somehow reminded me of my wife’s cozy lips, and as she moved closer, her boobs were getting bigger.

At first, I thought she was a call girl, but the native attire she wore made my rationale irrational. Why on Earth would someone wear what she wore to a place like this? was what I thought, before her light voice made me think appearance is equivalent to reality. Her sight nearly made me forget that—


Thirty minutes ago, the deafening silence of my wife made me storm out of our rented apartment. For the past five days, she has refused to perform her marital duty, on the ground of an abnormal bleeding. Coupled with that, she claimed that she was embarking on a business trip with her boss, and must report the night before. Prior to this time, the local herb my neighbor gave me has been making me feel needy and…


The blaring music of the bar, coupled with her alluring presence interrupted my thoughts. For the first time I noticed that she was a few feet tall and should be in her late thirties. As opposed to the popular figure of eight, hers was nine—big boobs with a low budget bum…

“Do you care for a drink?” she almost yelled.

Unknown to me that was the second time she asked. I was literally lost in thoughts, and couldn’t decipher what she was saying.

“Y…eah…sure,” I stuttered.

“Did you lose your job?”


“What’s wrong with you?” She was obviously worried, but the grin that played on her lips stated otherwise—like she’s excited at my misfortune.

Nevertheless, I started with the fabricated story of my life with a spice of true happenings. At a point, she took up the lamentation, and started telling me how her legs dragged her to a bar.

According to her, her husband was the owner of a big firm of which my wife coincidentally was an employee. Due to his busy schedule, he technically had no time for her but money had never been a problem.

After weeks of business travels, he returned home for the second time this year, but like the dawn of the day, left in the middle of the night for one of his dramatic meetings. The fact that she was sexually starved was written all over her face, though she intentionally skipped that part.

As pathetic as her story was, my eyes were fixed on her fixed assets. My gaze simultaneously followed the beat of her boobs, and I felt like squeezing it from behind. Though the thought of it was insane, I decided to blame the local concoction I drank three days ago.

Somehow she noticed my third leg, and decided to give it a lift by smirking that lips of hers. I don’t know who made the first move, but we ended locking lips and cruising under our breaths. Suddenly, she broke free and pulled me out of the bar…. and I sheepishly followed like a sacrificial lamb.

We headed straight for her husband’s guest house, since he had gone for a business trip. Somehow she considered her matrimonial home to be a sacred place. And as dark as the night was, our burning desire lighted our hearts. As soon as the gateman flung the gate open, what changed in her countenance was the sight of her husband’s car. Together with her, I was curious to know what her husband was doing in there, and I typical of women with an impatient nature, she stormed into the guest house.


The Nollywood drama that took place afterwards wasn’t a thing of joy. Literally I was caught in the web of deceptive spiders. The atmosphere was filled with despair, and voices were typically raised.

As I was about to sneak out of the house I joyfully entered, the loud footsteps I heard stopped me from making a move. A lady in her late twenties ran out of the guest house, after receiving scars from the wound of another person. At first I didn’t recognize her because of the way she was beaten beyond recognition. But miraculously, her voice sounded like the voice I had an altercation with one hour ago.

My lips couldn’t hold their excitement, and my body couldn’t contain the joy of being ripped apart. Standing before my blurry eyes, was my wife Esther.

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