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Christianity or Religion

That is a major question that often stares at our various actions.

Religion tells us don’t fornicate, so when the temptation comes in the presence of others we control ourselves. But in our closets we battle with lust and struggle to swim in the pool of masturbation.

Oh Religion, it constrains us from explicitly expressing our bitter feelings. But when hurt by others, we simply register the matter on the pages of our hearts with the pen of anger and ensure it is properly sealed with the stamp of malice.

Kai, this is far from what the people saw at Antioch when they first called them Christians.

For they were not just disciples but men who were conformed to God’s making process.

Yes, they were men who did not just seek to follow the long list of dos and don’ts but constantly prayed: “O Lord let thy will be done.”

Men whose sincere cry was to see the end of the day’s challenging rancor. Men whose heart seriously beat for souls until they got transformed. Men whose lifestyles were even seen by many as free from contour. Men who allowed the leading of God Himself in their lives to be their Anchor.

Ah! Can we pause for a while and really cry for revival? Not just so we can display super powers like magicians, but so we can enjoy the place of koinonia (fellowship).

How I wish we can pray for restoration. Not just for the glory to be restored but so His intentions we will perform.

Yes we also need to ask for an increase. Not just because we want our bans filled, but so the chord and bond of intimacy will increase.

Pray for illumination. Not only to see but to be guided, strengthened and shielded from destruction.

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