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I came to the mouth of the river
With a spade, a knife and you
To stare at the boats
Quivering at the silent walk of water
Journeying friendship into estuary.

I’ve fed from the yeast
Made out of the least
Of ingredients a beast could offer.

Tell Mama,
I gave the bracelet
To a heart with corrugated vein
Which never allowed my love
To touch the beautiful image of God.

Tell Mama that my love boomeranged
The day I ate the apple of discord
Buried in between the cracks
That produced the springs of Meriba.

I’ve come to journey
Through the lights of water;
Feel the innocence I never had
And forgive you of the hate I always had.

For a friend,
For a foe
And for frenemies;

When I come back,
Stab me once more.

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