African Time

Tick! Tick! Tick!
The sound of the clock constantly chiming
Moving in clockwise direction
Time, they say, waits for no one
Time, they say, is money and vice versa
Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence, events that occur in apparently irreversible succcesion from the past through the present to the future.

African Time: the dubious saying that has eaten deep into the bones of Africans
The very tall tale usually told by the perpetual latecomers
The fiend behind some supposedly collective and cultural disregard of time.

In Africa, lateness is a widespread phenomenon
And when asked why
We nonchattlantly declare “African Time”
Lateness has become the order of the day
Virtually everybody comes late
Mention any event
Lateness is just like oil to the Niger Deltans
Couples even go late for their wedding
What insolence!
African time is nothing but a myth.

African time: the perceived cultural tendency in every part of our continent, towards a more relaxed attitude towards time
Yes, we might hide under an umbrella called “Uncertainty”
Structural uncertainties that arise as side effect of living in a nation where anything could happen
Police problem, traffic jams, car break downs
The good news is these happens in other continents
What they do is planning and sticking to it
Planning: the number problem we are battling
African time is just a myth; a part of whom we are.

Nothing! I mean nothing is done in other continents without proper planning
Ask the football lovers
When a football match is fixed for a certain time
The match kicks off on the DOT
Why can’t we practise this as well in Africa?
Are you among those blaming just the Government?
Must they be faulted for every of our misfortune?
When will we start taking responsibilities for our actions?
Nonchatlantly blaming all on African time will never help
What happens to proper planning?

African Time: there is nothing of such
In Africa, some people are seen as asmunus for always coming early to an event
Essentially, almost everyone will certainly come late to an event
Lateness is just a game theory computation
A game theory computation created in our minds when making decisions based on “African Time”
African Time: there is nothing of such
It is just a myth that is part of whom we are.

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