Welcome to UNIZIK (Okofia) (Part 1)

Welcome to Unizik!
A place where I wish I had never been to
Where we think we’re free but we’re in a nick
The only place you can be happy and sad too
Yet nobody seems to be blue
A place where you have a lot of pain to subdue
Just because you have your future in view
And giving up is a big taboo

Oh Unizik! My soon-to-be Alma Mater
Where the ladies act like they can walk on water
And the guys are so horny
Not for sex, but for money
Unizik, a place where we are fed by hunger
Slowly turning most of us into Mongers
If you want to survive as its student
You gotta be one hundred percent Prudent

Welcome to Unizik! Hmmm…. what a School!
Where some students use fees and dues as tools
To get money in ways that are not cool
Cos if they don’t, they’ll look like fools
My Unizik! My Unizik! A place where the fees we pay can buy the school
Yet they call it just “School Fees”
Where the “Kind School Fees” is always increased by the school
And the students can do nothing but buzz around like bees

Unizik! Unizik! Most of our equipments are shoddy
Yet we use it to study
Study with so much orgy
Just so we can learn Anatomy And Physiology
Where BCH (Biochemistry) is so bad
That it can make you run mad
Run mad like mad till you’ll need Rehab
And some medical checkup from Med. Lab

Welcome To Unizik
Where you can be taking medicine
Just to be strong to study medicine
Yes! You’ll have to make both work in Unison
If you don’t wanna lose myosin
The school and the lecturers don’t know the danger they are causing
Especially to the pregnant ladies in Nursing
Hmmm…. I’ve never seen a school like Unizik

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