Truth is the Only Profound

Truth is the Only Profound by Ayoalabi on ZenPens

As the saying goes, “If you’re not in the room where things happen, things will happen without you.”

There’s always two sides to a coin, either the head or the tail.

Anyway, keep your head on a swivel;
Lemme save you the subterfuge of the other side of truth.

My heart is unmourned with us gift-wrapping ourselves to deceit with total impunity, desolating our tripartite: body, spirit and soul into forlorn of agony.

We make mistakes of trying to get over things, it never works as they stick with us like a dog in a cage, walled in.

Our hearts are shredded like buzzards, eating us alive from liver to flesh, like a lion butchering the compartments of an antelope.

We never see the line until we pass it, once we are over it, we can’t go back without the fear of being caught, sniffed out like a canines on a wounded animal.

Next thing we know, we can’t see the line again even though we wanted to, so we stayed where we are, barely able to recognize ourselves, struggling survive, but truth is the only profound.

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