Till Death Do Us Apart

Till Death Do Us Apart by Tristan on ZenPens

–Beautiful, that’s one term to refer you.
Luminous and prideful, just like the glowing moon.
Foes and allies all fighting to be in your infallible troop.
Endowing you with gifts such as gold, silver, bronze and booze.

–But you rejected everything, because you’re filled with inglorious pride.
An elegant lady, symmetric, and has an antique style.
It’s a resplendent and awesome vision when you dance.
Fluttering like the leaves in autumn, it’s a definite art.
Your eyes gloomy. And like your personality, it bites.

–Unfortunately came the cold murky hands of death.
Your domicile empty, your heart cold, I guess you’ll be his guest.
Dine with him till the moon comes out, the wolves howl, and then you take him to bed.
Have no regrets, no crystalline tears, you solely choose this path for yourself.
Now lay still, don’t breathe. Feel the constriction tighten around your neck.

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