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Tale of a UNIBEN Student

Shebi I told you that water would not flow today?

Those are the first words I hear when I wake up. The hostel is in a frenzy as everyone is trying to sort their buckets into lines, I can hear the stuggle. Osasu, my roommate is angrily trying to drag her bucket from under her bunk. No other person is in sight.

My sister is no where to be seen, and I can only guess that she went to hustle for water for us. She’ll probably join the girls bold enough to climb the tank to get water.

“There hasn’t been water since yesterday, and instead of you to wake up early this morning to keep a line for yourself, you are waiting for me with three hands to help you, right?” Osasu says, obviously annoyed with her fight with the bucket. I don’t even know why she still keeps it there when it’s always a problem for her every morning. Well, I guess it’s because of the tiny space that eight of us are meant to share, but still.
I stand up and help her drag her bucket out, the handle is a bit twisted.
The both of us take the buckets downstairs and I’m about to go to another block to look for our roommates when she pulls me along with her.

“A tanker is coming with water. People don’t know yet, so it’s best for us to keep our buckets in a line outside,” she tells me, half-dragging me out with her. I’m about to complain and tell her that I’m just in shorts and a singlet, when I see a ton of girls, some with only wrappers on their chest and some with shorter bottoms than mine, run outside the hostel with their buckets and containers with them. I don’t hesitate for even a second, I’m the one pulling Osas with me towards the now increasing line.

I drop my buckets with hers and rush back to the hostel to look for my sister and roommates. I’m about to enter our block when I see them coming from the other end. Blessing, my roommate grabs my hand.

“Where are you going? Didn’t you hear that there’s a tanker outside? Where is Osasu sef?” She’s walking with so much speed, more like running. I just take her bucket and my sister’s container and run out of the hostel again.

And so it continues, we stay there for an hour or so, before the tanker comes. And God! Are we sharp with the fetching! No one is allowed to fetch into containers, only buckets are allowed, but my roommates devise an awesome plan.

You see, while our buckets are still in the line, we would sneakily take one to the front and when it gets full, we’ll transfer it into the container and take it back again. Soon, all our buckets and containers are full with water.

That was really a day to remember. How could I still forget how those that didn’t come early, rushed after the dripping tanker, with their buckets under the little droplets, while the tanker was leaving. God! That was funny.

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