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Tale of a Nigerian Student

“Hello,” the deep voice said, driving me out of my thoughts. We had been waiting for a lecturer in the pit theatre for the past one hour and it didn’t seem like the man was coming.

“Hello,” I said as a form of reply, wondering who the guy with the innocent face was and what he wanted.

He told me he had a favour to ask of me, he had a puppy-like expression. I asked what he wanted to ask and he replied that he needed me to give him Jessica’s number.

“Uhm, who are you if I may ask, and what is your relationship with Jessica?” I asked, still confused.

He replied that he knew my name was Peace and I was Jessica’s bestfriend, he also claimed he was a friend of hers.

I knew all of Jessica’s friends and he obviously wasn’t one of them, I told him this and that I couldn’t give him her number.

He gave me that puppy-like look again as he pleaded further. I still maintained my ground, then he decided to tell me what he really wanted.

He told me he met Jessica in a hospital where he went for treatment, they became friends afterwards, though he didn’t have her number yet. He said he forgot his charger in that hospital and he would like her to bring it for him since she stayed around there.

I still didn’t believe him, I made to leave but he kept following me. Fortunately, we met Jessica at the entrance to Faculty of Arts and it turned out that they had actually met. He told her the same story of the charger; initially, she refused to help but after so much begging from him, she obliged.

We became very good friends after that incident—the three of us. At a point, we became so attached that he turned to our third ‘bestie’. He was a very cheerful person, always teasing Jessica and I. A day didn’t pass without us spending time together, taking pictures, and most times reviewing what we’ve read.

Then came a fateful day, it was getting close to our matriculation, and I was late for class on that day. I was still in the bus when I received an urgent call from Jessica, she sounded so unlike her happy self, I silently prayed the bus could develop wings and fly.

Finally, I got to the school and went to meet her in our usual place, I met her looking downcast and sad.

“What’s the matter?” I asked quite alarmed.

And with the saddest eyes in the whole world, she said to me: “Kelechi is dead.”

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