Song of March

Song of March by Chima Daniel on ZenPens

Every hour, every day
whether you know how to pray
try to have something to say
like “I’ll surely find a way.”

A new day
has come to stay
A new month and its rays
to illumine you in different ways.

Rise up and stand today
say “I will” not “I may.”
Transform your land of decay
into a glittering golden bay.

Your thoughts are the bay
to undo all your delays.
So think of a good play
that will bring a generational pay.

Great thoughts in vast arrays
are an unfading body spray.
It charms the heart and gently stays
soothing the atmosphere in uncommon ways.

Mold your thoughts like clay
to replace your shattered vase of yesterday.
Be the hope in dismay
to rescue souls going astray.

You are the song of the day.
Cheer the hearts that trouble lay
and be the music none can outplay.
Resounding through souls everyday.

Happy new month

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