E No Concern Me, E No Concern Me

That has been among the common slangs in our local parlance. But as events continue to play on, it is gradually becoming part of the lingua franca.

How come the heavens shake but none bother to enquire about its essence? Even the earth quakes, yet we all pay deaf ears as if we aren’t affected by its sudden occurrence.

The people constantly wail, yet we assume the cries of the innocent are nothing but sure disturbance.

Haba, what really happened to our conscience? Since when did the fall of our brothers become a prayer point answered?

Can someone just tell me how we suddenly drove out care from the corridor of our hearts claiming it doesn’t matter. Kai, how did we ever allow cold water to be poured on our treasured burning altar?

Well, counter accusations will prove nothing other than mere arguments without substance.

Therefore, arise like Elijah, re-arrange the altar and call down fire. Yes, till those sincere desires and care for others return to their alma mater.

Exactly, wait for fire, till those fats of laziness, greed, prayerlessness, sins and wickedness are burnt or cry “I surrender.”

Jeremiah 23:29: “Is not my word like as a fire?” saith the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?”

Well, if you still don’t understand then, I guess it is a mystery, unravel it.

It is a code, decode it.

It is a pin, unlock it.

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