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Diary of a UNICAL Student

“Third hostel list is out!”
“Third hostel list is out!”

I don’t think I have ever seen people so eager and so desperate as we rushed towards main camp. We all wore our hearts on our sleeves, hoping and praying that our names would come out.

For some of us, that was our last hope, as our things have already been thrown out by the new occupants of our spaces and we now crowded the reading room, not to read but to sleep.

As we got closer to the Student Affairs division, we saw the early birds withdraw from the notice board. While some feigned sighs of relief and joy, others wore long faces. Some even went as far as weeping. On a normal day, I’d say they were being melodramatic but as my fate was undecided, who was I to judge? I could be one of them.

My steps suddenly became heavy. I literally dragged my feet to the notice board. My heart beat loudly in my ears. I managed to squeeze myself through people, gently pushing and struggling till I got to the front.
My eyes mechanically scanned the names looking for “Bassey”, “Favour” or “Pharmacy” but I didn’t see it.

“Oh God!” I silently cried. “Favour, calm down and look again,” I told myself.

My eyes went up again, following my fingers and I went through the list again… row by row.

I saw the names of two of my course mates. For a moment, that gave me hope. I kept looking till I got to the last name.

“Bassey, Favour Okon. Microbiology. 300l.”

Water clouded my eyes.

“Noo! It’s a lie. This can’t be true.”

I searched again and again and again till reality struck a chord in my senses.

I broke down. Yes, I joined the criers geng. I literally melted.


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