His morphology unexplainable,
His presence indescribable,
His presence is full of ardour and pristine creatures.
His words are dictum,
It carries tons of wisdom.

A mighty being of antiquity who oversees the city and all that dwelleth in it.
Like a new born, he is forever young and is without a flaw,
He rebukes the arrogant and makes them fall.

A mighty super hero devoid of a harmatia,
He is down to earth despite his vast nature and exceeding strength,
His powers and exceeding glory needs no reinassance.

His viability never truncates,
It is clouded with undiluted wisdom and ardent fire,
He watches over billions without a blink of an eye,
He shaped the destiny of billions with perfect dispositions.
He knows it all,
He is all in one.

He is indomitable,
His prowess devoid of contention and truncation.
He is glorious,
His love for humanity is agape and enormous.

He is generous,
Profound blessings he shares to all and sundry without a default.

He presented to us a priceless gift that never went extinct.

He is awesome,
Out of nothiness he breathed in me,
Hence he made me a masterpiece,
He is the artist’s artist.

He is the legitimate father of nature,
Everything green he made beautyful ,
Palatable and medicinal.
With him I conquer,
For in his power no one dares put assunder.

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