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All the tales are the same
Told before and told again
God’s of sun heart god’s of moon
Eclipsed the land of green

Who would trade the hum of night?
That evening’s cool and quiet
Betray the moon as an acolyte
On the first and fierce affirming sight

The Icarus to your certainty
With wax melted, I’d meet the sea
Strap the wings to me
Like a wyvern of myth’s past

And who would shun your flawless heart?
That soul born in cold and rain
As love and its decisive pain
I’ll gladly clad the death trap

My sunlight, euphoria indelible
Back and forth as we gazed
The death of the sun
The cloud and cold

Soul buried and a burning flame
Melted the two hearts of Eros
In your love, I lost and flew
Like a moth scavenging

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