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Cheta Chetakwa

Those years I cuddled your shame
With hopes of a better name
Like a bug
I sat tight with a patient shrug;
Putting up high fences
To furnish you with an appearance

I let you feed fat on my warmth and groans
Hazarding all drones
To safekeep your moon

I’m wounded, give me wine
I fed like a swine with no linen
Just to clothe you in fine silk
For a world that left us bleak;
To pick up used threads of others’ long forgotten apparels
The jarring laughter
Was the only encouraging partner after

What now?
You seem less to speak, than to feel
Less to love, than to give
Were tears a part of everything we did?

I look at you and you feel lost
You tell me you are here
And I can’t find you where
I am here, remind me again
Where is here?
Because I feel exposed in this lair
I have waited for you
It’s dawn now, yet no hide and hair

Remember, I sold you booted and suited
To a world that left you unfed
Still wants you dead!
When the world was all a red tape
I helped you cut through with no blade

Give me a light
Just this night
Even if be a lone light
Just give me a reason to last one night

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