Nudity by Tee Ha Na on ZenPens

Naked I came out of my mother’s womb
And naked I shall go, blessed be the name of the lord
Old forgotten scriptures almost losing their meaning
Tendrils of yesterdays open show of disgrace
Obstructing a clearer view of tomorrow’s grace
Words told so often they begin to sound like rhymes
Shall I assume to be naked even when I’m clothed
Parents’ parents from the beginning who wore nudity as a weapon
Innocence, purity, naivety, let my nudity represent
For the first fruits of creation cast away nudity like a sack cloth and embraced clothes
Shall my nudity not represent trust
Children from their mother’s womb, opened mouths like keyholes, singing the song of mourners
Wearing the clothes from heaven’s gate itself
Till life takes it all away from them
Dear Kunle, your words from yesternight still causes shivers up my spine
Clothes breeds distrust, come let us be naked
And dance under the rain with the innocence of children lost long ago among the rubbles of civilization
Can you hear the ancient drums beating its feverish beats to our hearts reminding us of who we used to be?
Shall I bare my nudity for you, will you understand?
Will my scars chase you away, will my pock-marked chest disgust you?
We’ve forgotten the path that leads to home and all we see now are half clothes
Oluwaseun, shall I bare all or keep my soul in clothes?
Uche, time is running out, shall I be nude or be without?

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