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Lesson After Lessening

In the world I created
Behind my tiny eyes,
I crowned people as good
“No one is bad.”
I saw others as me;
They think my thoughts:
Thoughts of good and not of evil.

Revelation started striking me;
Not as a striker would strike
A jabulani ball on a football pitch
But as thunders ravenously
Strike with full lightning
And burning rage.

When I starting seeing people
Become chameleons;
With a long gown of kindness today,
And a hot robe of wickedness the next.

Do you know?
What you call a priceless smile
Can eventually be a pricey bait
That leads you to doom.
Well, I learnt…
the hard way.

My eyes,
Now pry with utmost care
Into people’s soul.
I have been bitten more than once;
More than thrice, I have been twice shy.
Will it stop people from being bad?

My soul whispers,
“Take heed! Take care!”

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