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Last Entry of a Rejected Lover

Our eyes met the day
A new season came anew.
Oh! We never should have crossed paths,
For our stars collided.
Upon the heavens a supernova
Of despair exploded.

Ask not why I sing in sorrow,
For our love wasn’t mournful.
A blissful season I enjoyed.
Alas! It was a pleasurable adventure.
Our laughter a song of happiness.
We were in love, but only I loved.

Dear Castillo, you were a light,
A rush of an evening breeze;
Short but refreshing.
A ray of sunlight till dusk,
When the darkness rises,
Your light dimmed.

For you left me rejected,
My love you rejected,
My passion nullified,
My emotions you mocked.
A beggar of affection I became,
A beggar of your affection.

Like a reject I shall wither away;
Become a faded memory.
For I can’t bear to haunt you,
To ruin your happiness.
So my forever lover,
I beg you to treasure my last letter.

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