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Humanity Without Hope

The deaf could hear the pain like a thunder
Strike in a stormy sea, wrecking a Titanic ship and allow the blind to see The emptiness of hopeless in mankind.

Can’t differentiate between the living And the other world as hades of doom Hunt down humanity like predator Preside upon its prey.

The phobia of ash in a thin air, extinct Without a trace is here now! Déjà vu.

I know you’ll say I’m sad and tired of Believing in vague hope just as fogs Clouded the route of Hercules’ quest, But only if you could see Metaphysically.

It was Sumerian before the Egyptian, January before February, and someone says letter “A” should be the last Alphabet and “Z” should go first, I Guess the doom of humanity is fated.

Wish I could see two minutes ahead into the future , maybe I’ll vanquish Ebola virus before it started, or end Lassa fever before its inception and free humanity of Coronas virus without chloroquine.

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