Tomato Talk

Hello, Succulent Red,
you look sumptuously hot.
My eyes sparkled with red
when I saw your juicy pot.

Hi, Spicy Brown,
your voice makes me tingle
like a fish in a hot bathtub.
I never thought I could blush
until you talked to me.

Wow! That is awesome, Red,
I’m beyond delighted to hear your reply.
It brings a treasury of joy
ceaselessly paying my heart.

Hmmm! Electric Brown!
How I wonder you to be in my atomic world.
To be the electron that will smash my photon,
and create a dual particulate nature of matter.

This is so sweet, Red.
All I want is you to be my Rapunzel
In my lonely castle.
And I’ll be your heroic prince
to wrestle any witches against you.

You’re melting my heart, Spicy Brown.
And making my juicy pot to boil.
Please leave me not,
come have a taste from my juicy pot.

Wow! Juicy Red!
This is a jackpot to me!
A well of eternal satisfaction.
I’ll know no hunger or thirst again,
after a meal from your juicy pot.

With you oily Brown,
My juicy pot will never go dry again.
Both in plenty and in scarcity.
You mean the world to me,
my Brown amidst flashy colours.

Thanks, my Red Tomato.
My healthy diet and daily menu.
I’ll never get tired of eating only you,
till the day I breathe my last.

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