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A Climax in Time

I’m dripping.
His arms are wrapped tightly around me,
Cocooning me in his warm heat.
His breath is hot on my neck,
His tongue following each trail of sweat,
From my throat to my chin.

He’s whispering sweet nothings in my ears,
Making me to give him more of myself.
He’s showing me just how much he loves,
And how his love is not selfish.
His hands are caressing my skin,
His fingers heading south.
He’s hushing my screams with his kisses,
He’s making sure I get there before him.

I’m clinging to him,
Arching towards him.
The balls of my feet have left ridges at the back of his thighs.
My fingers have a part of him beneath them.
My mouth tastes like him.
The air smells like us.
Our skins both leak the same fluid.
My hands are clasping his tightly,
As he pushes into me.

Harder and harder,
He thrusts.
Louder and louder,
I moan.
Higher and higher,
I soar.
Till all that’s left of me is just liquid limbs
and jelly-like bones.

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