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The Dark Side of Love

Ava tapped her nails impatiently on the broad, brown mahogany desk. She cared less if her continuous taps would chip her glossy, bright red nails or scar the polished desk; all she wanted was answers to the question that bugged her mind. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat; her free hand wiped the sweat that trickled down her hairline whilst she bit on her full lips, licking the nude coloured lipstick she wore. Ava glanced at the small digital table clock across her. Half-past nine, it read in red.

“Sorry I kept you waiting.” Her heartbeat raced at the voice, so loud that she could hear it in her ear. Ava forced herself to breathe. “I had to quickly attend to a patient. Emergency shit.” She scrunched her nose as the smell of bleach and drug wafted into her nose when the owner of the voice walked pass her to the chair behind the desk. She blinked as he sat lazily, dumping a white envelope unceremoniously on the table.

Jacob flopped down into his chair. It creaked noisily. He groaned at the discomfort his tie gave. He’d never been a fan of ties and shirts; corporate wears were never his forte. He hated them to a fault. He rather put on a pair of faded jeans and a casual jacket.

He let out a sigh when he met Ava’s gaze. Her large brown eyes shone with hope. Beads of sweat laced her hairline. He trailed one that escaped; it rolled down past her brows down to her rosy cheeks and past her full lips; so enticing that it made him lick his lips unconsciously. Ava was and would always be his choice at love. If he was to choose anything, he’d choose her over and over again. He gulped hard when he saw her lips move. It was all he could do to stop himself from leaning over the table to taste the enticing fold of thick flesh.

“Jacob!” Ava hit the table. The loud smack brought Jacob back to earth.

He jerked. “What?” He blinked.

Ava gestured at the enveloped. “Is this it?”

It took Jacob a few seconds to reply. He snatched the envelope before Ava could reach for it then nodded.

Ava let out the breath she’d held. “Give it,” she ordered. Jacob shook his head. “Jacob, I said give it here.” She held out her palm, spelling every word. He shook his head again. Ava cursed. “I am a second away from lunging at you and so help me God, I won’t rip the envelope out of your hand only but your balls too.”

“Just tell me you want to feel my balls, Ava,” Jacob leaned towards her. His response caught Ava off guard. “You know I love my balls fondled.” He winked. She blinked. A small smile threatened to ruin the glare she had on. Jacob smirked wickedly. “I know you want it as much as I do, Ava.” His voice took a seductive tone.

Ava looked away. She exhaled slowly. She remained so for a few minutes then rose from her seat. Jacob watched her keenly. He wondered what was going on in her mind as she moved around the large office thoughtfully. She paced for a few minutes more then sat down on the white sheet examination bed; her hands gripped the lace that lined the hem of her short flowery gown.

“Don’t do this to me, Jacob,” she croaked. Jacob’s excitement vanished. Guilt washed over him in waves. “Help me…” She paused then sniffle. “Help me save my marriage.” Her teary eyes met Jacob’s. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

I’d die for you, Jacob thought in his mind. If only you knew this, Ava.


“Don’t!” she stopped him, shaking her head. “I won’t have you insult my husband in—”

“Insult?” Jacob flared up. “What makes you think you having a child would help your marriage? He is a fucking cheater and always will be no matter what you do.” Jacob gritted his teeth, hands balled into a fist. “Wyatt does not deserve you!”

“I love him!” Ava yelled. She wanted so much to smack her best friend’s across the face.

“You deserve better,” Jacob growled, struggling to keep his anger in check. He knew he had to be the bigger person.

Ava gave a sarcastic laugh. “And I deserve you, right?” She knew the conversation would go down that path eventually as Jacob would always chip in his love for her anything they argued about her husband.

Jacob chose not to answer. He stared at her for the longest time. He exhaled loudly then looked away. “It is too late for that now Ava, isn’t it?”

The defeated look on his face broke Ava. She felt a pang of guilt as she watched him tear the envelope open, letting out a white sheet. Her heartbeat picked up again. She looked out for possible emotions on his face to hint her on her test results but she saw nothing. She cursed. Ever since they became friends in high-school, Jacob had always been in control of his emotions. The way he transitioned between different emotions amazed her still.

“So?” she forced herself to ask.

Jacob resisted the urge to look in her direction. His heart thumped in his chest. Although he wanted the opposite of what he felt yet he couldn’t help himself. Anger and unhappiness washed over him waves.

“They could have been our babies if you fell for my trap months ago.” He tossed the now crumpled paper to aside.

Ava creased her brow. It took a minute for her to understand what Jacob said. A moan escaped her throat as it dawned on her. She hurriedly picked the test results and read through. Her eyes pool with tears.

“Omigod!” she voiced. “I am seven weeks pregnant…”

“…with twins.” Jacob finished with a bored tone. He looked away as she broke down in tears. He wished he could hold on to the uncaring attitude he managed to pull but Ava in tears was his Achilles heel.

In two strides, he closed the distance between them and hugged her. “You know I am happy for you, right?”

Ava sniffle with a nod. “I know. You could have told me you ordered an ultrasound test for me as well.” She shoved him.

Jacob smiled. “I wanted to be sure you were pregnant.”

“How come I couldn’t tell?”

He shrugged. “Some pregnancies are like that. You’d be oblivious till you are halfway through.” His heart swelled as he watched her hold the paper so carefully like it would vanish right form her eyes.

Ava’s eye read the paper over and over again. To her, the printed words were gold and she wanted to treasure it for as long as she could. Unconsciously, one of her hands moved tentatively to her stomach. She chuckled tearily. She peered at her best friend.

“Wyatt will be elated.” Tears dripped down her cheeks.

“I am sure he’ll be.”

She didn’t miss the sarcastic tone in Jacob’s voice. “Don’t be like this.” She pulled on him as he tried to leave her. “You should be happy for me.”

Jacob sighed. “I am happy for you.” He cupped her cheek. “I wish you could open your eyes to the things Wyatt is doing behind your back.” He held out a palm as she tried to cut him. “Because you haven’t caught him red-handed doesn’t make him innocent.”

Ava rolled her eyes. “Like you are a saint.”

“I am better than he is.” Jacob couldn’t believe she attempted to paint him black too.

“Hitting on me makes you innocent?” she asked with a look. “I am a married woman yet you flirt with me at every turn,” she stressed. She raised her hand in his face pointing at her platinum wedding band to emphasise her point.

Jacob’s eye widened like saucers. “You were my friend before you became his wife!”

Ava giggled. She rose to her feet with his help. She felt relieved that the tension between them had disappeared. Though she loved whenever they bickered, yet the fear of losing him was ever-present. Jacob had been a good friend except his flirtatious attitude.

“I should get going,” she reached for her bag. “I can’t wait to share the news.” She beamed. She gave Jacob a long hug. She peered into his blue eyes. “Thanks, bestie. You know I love you, right?”

It was Jacob’s turn to roll his eyes. “I don’t believe you truly do.”

Ava pecked his cheeks. “Good boy.” He patted his messy brown hair. “Take care.”

“You too, Ava.” He returned to his seat.

“Perhaps you and Ivy can join my husband and I at my parents for dinner tonight.” Ava paused at the door. “I’d break the news there.”

A smile crept on Jacob’s face. He nodded. “Just like old times?” He remembered how they’d both call for a night out whenever there was good news.

“Like old times.” She winked with glee on her face. “Seven prompt.” She shut the door behind her.

Jacob chuckled. His heart throbbed with happiness for his best friend. He picked up his phone and dialled his wife, Ivy. He dialled one more time but each went to voicemail.

Hey. Coming home by six. Dinner at Ava’s parents. Love ya, he texted. Just as he hit the send button, his beeper came to life.

He exhaled. “Life of a doctor.” He picked up his stethoscope and rushed out.


Miles away, a phone vibrated loudly on a glass table. The force moved it across it to the edge till it dipped over; falling into a mess of clothing that littered the floor. The room was heavy with the smell of sex. Moans and delightful groans echoed throughout the bedroom.

“Yes, Wyatt,” she moaned, pulling on his black hair. Pleasure coursed through her veins at the warm mouth pressed against her organ. “Don’t stop…” She shuddered.

Wyatt couldn’t get enough of her. Her pink clit beckoned on his tongue, a candy drop that he couldn’t resist. He enjoyed the way she squirmed as his tongue teased her. He felt the pleasure too.

“I need you inside me now!” she mumbled under her breath.

“Chill, Ivy,” Wyatt chuckled. He dipped a finger into her pussy. He shivered at the wetness and warmth. “You like that?”

Ivy moaned loudly. “Give it to me, Wyatt.”

Wyatt added another finger. He stroked slowly while he reached for a condom. He enjoyed the sight of Ivy sprawled on the satin sheet, nude, her eyes closed and in a wreck of raw pleasure. A sheen of sweat coated her, causing her caramel skin to glister in the noon light.

Expertly, Wyatt pushed his length into her. Ivy arched her back at the invasion. She felt him stretch her walls. A sweet pain ran up her back to her skull, numbing her for a few seconds. She whimpered as Wyatt’s lips found one of her nipples. He sucked gently. His long, slow stroke and the flick of his tongue synchronised. Ivy went into a sex overdrive. No coherent thought could form in her head as Wyatt worked his cock inside her inching her with every stroke to her next climax.

The slapping sound of skin echoed through the room bringing with it the heat of sex. Wyatt bucked his hips faster, diving deeper into the wet, dripping mound of flesh.

“Faster, Wyatt,” her voice was the catalyst he needed. “Right there! Yes, faster…” He dived down at the small of her neck, nibbling on the sensitive skin. He allowed his hips to do the work. Back and forth, he moved unrelentingly.

Ivy met his every stroke with the same vigour. She wrapped her legs around his waist, opening up to give him more access into her. Her entire being quivered in sheer pleasure. His length and girth were all she craved for. She gripped the sheets tightly as another orgasm hit her unexpectedly. She screamed in utter ecstasy.

Wyatt shut his eyes as Ivy’s muscles grip his cock tightly. Her scream sent a jolt of pleasure down his spine. “Fuck, Ivy.” Wyatt groaned. He felt the rush of his climax. With one last stroke, he released in her.

Seconds ticked slowly into minutes before either of them moved a muscle. Wyatt exhaled loudly. He rolled to the side, ignoring the mess from the used condom that had slipped out of his deflated cock. His chest rose and fell rhythmically.

“What happened to us today?” Ivy asked breathlessly. She met his gaze. A smirk pulled on his thin lips. “This is the wildest sex ever,” she giggled.

“You will be the death of me, Ivy.” Wyatt panted.

Ivy rolled to lie on his chest. “You know I will do anything to be with you, Wyatt.” Her long fingers found his nipple, she rubbed it. “I love you, Wyatt.” She didn’t miss the skip of his heartbeat.

Wyatt sighed. “And Jacob?”

She scoffed. “We both know he is fucking with your wife somewhere.”

Wyatt shut his eyes at her word. Though he was yet to catch her in the act, he couldn’t overlook the chemistry between Jacob and Ava. It was what punished him to Ivy who unsurprisingly to him felt the same way.

Ivy pulled her mind back from wandering to her husband. He might be rich and influential but his heart belonged to someone else just as mine to another, she thought to herself. The sex sealed the deal too. She peered at Wyatt. She marvelled at his manly beauty; a squared jaw with dark brown eyes. Wyatt could turn any lady’s head with his killer smile—the very thing that attracted her.

“It is high time we told them,” she said out of the blue. Wyatt remained unbothered. Ivy pressed on. “You know I will do anything to be with you.”

Wyatt allowed a few seconds pass then he replied. “As long as I have your heart,” he smiled down at her, “and the sex.” He added with a wink.

Ivy crawled on top of him. She smiled seductively, rotating her hips against him. Wyatt cock began to rise. Ivy wriggled her brows at the sight of it. She gripped it, stroke it once and in one motion sat down on it. They both shuddered in pleasure and rode each other to another much-needed climax.


Running late but be there soon, Ava read the text her husband sent. She sighed, stepping out of the black Audi she got from him as a Valentine gift three months back.

She grabbed quickly the grocery back in the back seat, clicked the door shut and continued toward the porch. She smiled at the castle-like white mansion her parents lived in; it was breathtaking with the Gothic sculptures hanging delicately on its terrace edges. A lush green lawn spread on its outside with a single stone-paved pathway up to the tall black door.

Her phone beeped twice. Ava frowned as she read the notification.

Will be there a bit late but Ivy is on her way. She smiled.

While still walking, one hand gripped her purse and the grocery back firmly, she typed:

Get here in one fine piece. Can’t wait to see the look on their faces. You’d do me the honour.

Estás aquí, gracias a Dios,” she heard her nanny say.

Ava frowned. She met the frightened aged woman at the foot of the door. “What is it, nana?” She asked.

“They are at it again.” Her Spanish accent was so profound that it would take a novice a couple of minutes to decipher what she’d just said.

Nana took the bags and purse. She pulled Ava into the house, carefully manoeuvring her to the study. Her thin wrinkled lips quivered at the thought of what could happen. She’d lived with them before Ava’s birth and never for once has she witness them argue so intensely. Her frail heart thumped in her chest.

“Your parents are at it again.” Her voice shook. “I haven’t seen sir so mad. He has a gun,” she cried.

Ava froze for a couple of seconds before her legs found life. She dashed across the large living room into the hallway that led straight to her father’s study. Her blood ran cold at the sight.

“Dad!” She covered her mouth in fright.

Sir Lucas shifted his gaze towards the door. He lost not just the glare on his face but the grip on his wife’s neck at the sight of his daughter.

“What are you doing, dad?” Ava ran for her mother who was in a fit of cough. She rubbed her back soothingly. She blinked in shock, unable to fathom why her father would want to strangle his wife.

“Ask her!” he boomed. His brown eyes blazed with rage. He ran his fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

“I refuse to stay with you anymore, Lucas.” Ava stumbled as her mother shrugged her off. She pointed at her husband. “I will do anything to get out of this marriage.”

Ava couldn’t believe her ears. She blinked in shock, she gaped like a fish out of water. Her parents have been married for thirty-five years. She’d never witnessed any bitterness between them in her entire thirty years of her life as their only child.

What has changed between them? she wondered.

“Anything!” her mother emphasised.

“Alexia…” Sir Lucas mumbled. “Don’t do this, at least not now.” He shook his head.

“Like I care.” She clicked her tongue. “You can either sign the papers or you look the other way…”

“…while you sleep with another man?” Sir Lucas flared up, his hands balled in a fist. “He is my friend, dammit Alexia. He is married to my cousin!” he growled.

Ava blinked. “Uncle Javier?” Her heart skipped several beats as she connected the dots. She gasped when her father nodded. “Mum?” She turned to her mother who looked indifferent.

Alexia stood calmly, picking at her polished nails. Age had graced her with beauty. Her black hair ran down her shoulders accentuating her small frame of slightly tanned skin. Her light brown eyes held no kindness. Alexia looked nowhere near one who is fifty.

“I am not in the mood, Ava,” she replied in a bored tone. “Run along and go prepare for your dinner with them whores.”

“Alexia!” Sir Lucas growled.

“You don’t growl at me like a street dog, Lucas,” she snapped at him. “Do what is needful to avoid unnecessary drama.”

“Why are you doing this, mum?” Ava couldn’t bear the drama. Tears threatened to spill down her face. She sniffled. “I don’t think dad has ever treated you badly. He should be doing all this, not you! I can’t believe you are cheating on him with one of his friends!”

“What?” She turned to see Wyatt at the door. He looked just as shocked, behind him stood Ivy who looked quizzical.

“Wyatt…” Ava ran into his arm. “I can’t deal.”

Wyatt took an uneasy glance at his mother-in-law. He shivered at the knowing look in her eyes; distaste was clear, she hated his gut.

“I am here.” He patted his wife. Ivy stifled behind him whilst trying to hide her displeasure at the sight of Wyatt and his wife. She bit down on her tongue; it was all she could do not to voice her displeasure. Deep down, she wanted to shove Ava away from her man and give her an earful.

“I won’t sign the divorce paper,” Sir Lucas voiced. “I won’t allow you tarnish my image, Alexia. I can forgive and forget all these ever happened if you mend your ways.”

Alexia remained silent for a few minutes. She knew her husband wouldn’t give in to her request. She knew him like the back of her palm. A rigid man who wouldn’t bow to threats, yet so loving that he’d guard the things he loved with his last breathe. She shook her head.

Alexia knew in her heart the consequences if she bowed to his request. Her love for Javier had started as an ember of light. Over the years, they’d both fanned it to a raging wildfire; it was too late to stop. Not after what she’d done.

“I have cleared his account into mine, Javier.” She recalled her conversation with her lover. “All I need is to be free of him.”

“Will he sign the divorce papers?” Javier asked. “I know Lucas, he won’t.”

“I will do anything to be free of him. Anything!” she’d stressed.

Alexia clapped her hands earning a baffled look from her husband and daughter as well as Wyatt and Ivy. She paced the large room, it reeked of elegance and classy as the decor glistened in the candle-like wall lights.

“I warned you, Lucas. I will do anything to rid you of me.” She walked towards the shelf of book. Her hand trailed the neatly tucked books till it rested on one. She pulled it out gingerly, flipping through its pages. She looked at her husband.

Sir Lucas wondered what his wife was up to with the book in her hand. He couldn’t believe how drastically his once sweet Alexia had changed. She wasn’t the loving, warm-hearted woman he married over three decades ago. She’d turned into a cold and heartless cheat. Sir Lucas gripped the side of his work desk; he couldn’t afford to break down in from of his family, particularly his daughter, a treasure of inestimable value to him.

“I won’t think twice before I pull the trigger.” Ava paled in Wyatt’s arms; her eyes fell on the black pistol pointed at her. She shifted her gaze to meet her mother’s. “Wyatt, let her go!” Alexia smirked wickedly.

“Al…” A bullet pierced the space between his legs before he could utter his warning. Sir Lucas couldn’t believe his wife shot at him.

“Remember I trained with guns, Lucas.” Alex shook her head. “My aim is still as sharp as ever.” She turned to Ava. “Walk towards me slowly. If I can shoot my husband, trust me, I can shoot you too.”

Ava moved like a zombie. Her mind refused to accept that the woman in front of her was her mother. The sweet, loving she’d grown up to love.

“Mum?” she sobbed.

Alexia faked a sober look. “Sweet child, your father forced my hand.” She held the gun to Ava’s head. “Make any move, cheater and I spill your brains out.” She pointed at Wyatt. “Let’s see if the pretty whore behind you will love you still.”

Wyatt gritted his teeth at her words. His heart raced in his chest. He peered at Ava. She looked scared beyond words. He hoped she didn’t grab what her mother hinted on.

“Just cooperate.” He heard Ivy mutter to him. “Please.”

Ivy wanted so much to dash across the room, out the hallway to safety but she knew better. Alexia would gun her down before she moved a limb.

“What is happening here?” Jacob stopped at the sight of them all. His blood ran cold as his eyes rested on Ava.

“Jacob,” Ava cried.

“Ava…” He started to move.

“Hey lover boy, stop!” Alexia warned. “It will end in tears of joy as long as I get what I want.” She smiled. “Lucas dear…” she called. “Sign the goddam papers!” she yelled all of a sudden.

“Why resort to this?” Sir Lucas mumbled. His heart sank deep in his chest the sight of Ava held at gunpoint.

“This is on you, Lucas.” She gritted her teeth. “I warned you that I will do anything to get out of this loveless union. I love Javier now! Get it into that thick skull of yours.”

“What?” Jacob was taken aback at her words. “Mrs. Jones, what are you saying?”

“Do shut up, you gullible soul.” she sneered. “Your wife cheats right under your nose yet you look the other way. I wished Lucas took a cue from you, things might have turned out better.”

“What?” Jacob staggered. He peered at Ivy. She trembled in her stand.

“Just as I thought…” Alexia scoffed. “Gullible.”

“Ivy?” Jacob felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. He’d never imagined she could do such a thing. He’d made sure she was satisfied in all things; he’d sorted her materially and even sexually.

“An apple never falls too far from a tree anyways since my daughter has been warming your bed,” Alex added with a smile while patting Ava’s face.

“I have never gone that far with Jacob!” Ava defended herself. “We are just friends, mum.”

“Of course, darling,” Alexia mocked her daughter. “I believe you.”

“We are just friends,” Jacob faced Ava’s dad. “Sir Lucas, believe me.”

“Only those with a dirty mind would think everyone is like them.” Sir Lucas replied. “I believe you, Jacob.” He couldn’t resist the urge to stare in Wyatt direction. His chest tightened.

“I’m sure you know more, Lucas,” Alexia smirked, “you know, yet you refuse to act.”

“Let it be,” Sir Lucas groaned.

“Let it be!” Alexia couldn’t believe her ears. She’d always known he loved Ava a lot more than he did her but his response affirmed the fact and for an unknown reason it stroke a nerve in her. She threw Wyatt a heated glare. She saw him shift uncomfortably where he stood.

“You are cool with a cheater and a man-whore for a son-in-law but furious at your wife been one?” Alexia scoffed. “You are a clown, Lucas, a clown!” She pressed the gun harder into Ava’s hair.

Ava moaned in pain. Every nerve in her body trembled in pain. She shook her head in disbelief unable to accept what her husband was labelled.

“Because you haven’t caught him red-handed doesn’t make him innocent,” Jacob’s voice echoed in her head. She peered at him. Her heart shattered at the I-told-you-but-you-wouldn’t-believe-me look he had on. Tears dripped down her cheeks in torrents. Ava ignored her already ruined make-up. Her mind was in shambles.

Jacob couldn’t bear the sight of Ava in tears. I need to help her, he thought to himself. He calculated his moves quickly in his head but before he could put his plan in motion, pain exploded in his right foot. He fell to the ground with a scream that drowned in the resonating sound of a gunshot.

Alexia fired another bullet in Jacob’s direction as he fell. She saw the bullet sink into the floorboard, missing Jacob’s left foot by an inch. She breathed.

Ava screamed.

Ivy squirmed.

Wyatt’s eyes widen like saucers.

Sir Lucas stared speechlessly at Jacob. He watched as blood flowed out of his black suede loafer, staining the polished floorboards bright red. He sighted another hole in the floorboard.

“I warned you all of any funny moves,” Alexia screeched. “Don’t fucking test me again. The next shot will be in her head!” She pressed the gun into Ava’s hair. Ava whimpered.

“Sign the fucking papers, Lucas! Now!” Alexia shrilled. She watched in relief as her husband scribbled his signature on the papers hastily. I’m close. So close. Her heart leapt to her throat in glee. It will be over in a few.

“Let her go now.” Sir Lucas held out the paper in one hand while he gestured with the other. “The papers for her, Alexia, no funny business. You have what you want now.”

Alexia smiled. She motioned for Ava to move on in his direction. In a blur, Sir Lucas grabbed the gun and Ava from her grasp but Alexia was quick to anticipate his move. She punched his jaw, causing him to let go of the gun and the signed papers but not Ava, they both stumbled to the ground.

“Smart but not you aren’t fast enough.” She grabbed the papers and the gun. “Stay right there.” She pointed at Wyatt and Ivy who attempted to flee. They froze. “Good…” She laughed loudly. “I am free now. Thanks, old love.” She blew them a kiss. She moved briskly to her bag, shoved in the papers and one fluid motion, zipped it shut.

“See you…” Her words died in her throat as Jacob tackled her to the ground. Alexia huffed as Jacob’s punch hit her hard in the chest. She shook the pain off and kneed him in the stomach. Jacob rolled away in pain. She managed to kick him in the stomach again before she stumbled forward.

Ava couldn’t watch as her mum hit Jacob over and over again. She threw herself unto her. They both landed hard on the floor.

“Ava!” She heard her father call for her both she ignored. Anger washed over her in waves. All she wanted was to rain her anger on the woman she called mother all her years. She’d not only hurt her father and but Jacob as well. She struggled as hard as she could, throwing feeble punches at her mum while evading the ones she threw at her. Ava felt grateful for the fact that her mother had once taught her simple self-defence moves.

“Get off me!” Alexia tried to push Ava off her but she couldn’t. She groaned in pain as punched rain down her face. Ava had her pinned down.

I should be on my way now, she yelled in her mind. She will ruin this for me.

Alexia’s hand felt the cold pistol as she thrashed. Without much thought, she aimed at her Ava’s stomach. She felt Ava freeze. Their eyes met for a second then a loud bang echoed through the room.

“No!” Sir Lucas’ blood ran cold at the gunshot. He watched Ava roll off her mother, her hand blood red as she cradled her midsection.

Ava felt cold. Every part of her tingled for a second then slowly pain ran up her spine the exploded at the middle of her back. She tried to scream but her throat stung badly. She felt something seep from the side of her mouth down her neck. Her eyes blurred.

Jacob scampered to where Ava laid. He picked her up. Tears flowed down his cheeks. “Ava…” he croaked, pressing down on her wound. “No… no… no…” He tried to assess the situation. The bullet had lodged in her side, dangerously close to her womb. He shook his head. Her brown eyes glistered with tears as she tried to speak but nothing came out.

“You will be fine,” Jacob tried to assure her. “The cops are here already, Nana called them. The medics will be here shortly.” Tears blurred his vision. He watched Ava gasped. He pressed down on her wound. “Stay with me, Ava.”

“Ava…” Sir Lucas patted her cheeks. His tears dripped on her cheeks. “You will be okay, sweetheart.”

Ava groaned in pain. With every passing second, the pain increased. Black dots danced over her vision. She held desperately onto Jacobs.

“I–I lo–love you.” Ava tightened her grip on him. She fought to stay awake but fatigue crawled over her like a blanket. “Save t–the b–babies i–if you can.” She managed to say before darkness enveloped her.

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