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Single… Searching for the Best

I’m in a garden filled with flowers, beautiful flowers though
But still searching for the one that matches me.

I have been a plant but an unwanted one, I did have the fruit but no one wanted them…
I’m a scary son of savage world… Single among all friends
Weird right? But it’s no apart of me
The word single married me and left me. So I’m now single again…
Being single has become my morning breakfast

Actually I did try to find a damsel but nowadays real damsels are hard to find.
So I’m single, searching for the best

Cuddling at night, reading romantic books, flirting with girls but still no news of my soulmate…
I’m trying to find contempt in the sea of snacks
I have realized my loneliness wasn’t necessary a sin
So I’m still single… searching for the best
And I promise to wait for my Mermaid, the girl that will love me for who I am
The girl that will accept my flows and make them glow, and I promise to make her my Queen in our Kingdom of Love…
I’m still single.. Searching for the best.

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