No Time for ABC

No Time for ABC by Ayoalabi on ZenPens

Social media is my door, internet is my key.
No time for dulling, no time for my ABC
Facebook is my book.
Twitter tells me how I look.

No time for my ABC, I have enough on my plate
Lectures are meant for them, WhatsApp is where I catch my cruise.
Telegram teaches me booking, I don’t need to be bookish

Oh, did you hear about MI-CHAT,
Baddo is where I study
Pressing phone is my avocation
YouTube video is the best
Instagram account is all I need
No time for my ABC

Time table for exam is out,
I still have two weeks to enjoy
Oh, latest episode of “ POWER” is out
Have u seen the new “Fast and Furious 9?”
I will find time for my ABC later.

Tomorrow is our paper,
I’m doing TDB today,
I must understand GES 101,
Who knows if they will ask about “Amotekun” tomorrow
I’m studying my ABC tonight, I must pass the course.

I love chatting while reading,
I’m tired, lemme rest a little bit.
I cannot kill myself I heard education is scam.
I’ll set alarm to wake me up by one.
I’ll spare time for my ABC by then.

My friend I heard result is out,
I heard Tunde and Ngozi got “A” in it
I’m on my way to check mine,
I hope all is well with mine.

Ah! This lecturer is a bad luck
How can you give me “D” in this.
I study my ABC well, I think I got the question right.

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