De Heat No Be Here O

As e dey hot
de weda don dada.
Pesin no fit wear cloth
wey plenti pass agbada.

E be say fan dey blow
but na beta heat dey flow.
Pesin room na fire
wey fit roast pipo like tyre.

E sure me die say
pesin fit wear only pant comot.
Som pipo fit com stay
for oda pipo cool dormot.

Wetin com shock Kate
bi say Musa no dey for gate.
Him dey look for wata to baf
as im baba riga com dey laf.

Nobodi dey fear thief again
as pipo doors and windows dey open.
Evribodi com dey pray for rain,
Befor pipo go dey like bread for oven.

Pesin dey sweat inside air condition
wetin go happen to pesin wey dey for noise condition.
Dis na critical situation
wey dey for we nation.

“Oga yur hand na hot knife?”
“No touch me if you no bi breeze”
Na so husband and wife
dey fight for bed like wata and grease.

Even mosquitoes don retire
as dem no fit shout in de night.
To suck blood wey be deir desire
com bi war wey dem no wan fight.

Anoda wahala bi say
light no dey som times
E com dey make way
for ‘I pass my neighbor’ evri time.

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