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An Ode to Simisola

To Simisola,

Who has been my crush,
Perch on my shoulder
Like a celestial dove
Baptize my thirsty lips
With the whole of your kiss

Let me be your carpenter
‘Nd you should turn a comforter
Ayo! Ayo! Ayo!
Let it sit on my arm,
Like a joyous culver

This is not poetry
But a mere line of confession
Blown from a melodious flute
Of a hearty person

Teach me guitar
And your name ‘ll lead
In any of my prelude
Your name will ring
Like a musical tautology in my lips

To you:
I gift all my heart!

For yours:
I’ve kept like a treasure!

P.S: Dedicated to Simisola, a celebrity.

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