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Vain Illusion

I created a picture
Of you in my head.
You are the mirror,
I am the replica.

In my dreams,
You keep appearing.
In our home,
You sit on the opposite side
Of the dining table facing me.

Dreams come true.
Silent wishes come to pass.
Then, I failed to remember
That you are just like Santa,
Our dear illusion from Rome.

The only place I have seen
You is in my head.
No, my heart.
The heart often strolls alone
Without being escorted by the head.

Physically, you failed to appear.
Each day, my lungs long for you
They breathe your name
Till they choke on it.

I am no longer a littlun,
In fact, Santas no long excite me.
Vain illusion best describes you.
You are that air that stealthily leaves a vane;
You can’t be seen, touched or hugged.

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