Taste Buds

Taste Buds by Chima Daniel on ZenPens

Oh sweet fruity smell!
ready but none to sell.
Luscious honey well,
held my taste buds with a spell.

None but me wanted sweet,
alluring taste and sumptuous beet.
Like spilled candy on the street,
only an ant came for a meal.

“It is bitter,” all said
but I tasted sweet.
“It is salty,” they said
but I still tasted sweet.
“It is sour,” some said,
sweet, sweet was all I tasted.

No other taste but sweet
as it comes with a smile.
No flavor or sweetener
would alter the original taste.

Tongue to tongue,
my taste buds got infiltrated.
And without a song,
my heart got elated.

“How did this happen?”
some were asking to find out.
I guess they never know
that she mutated my gustatory cells.

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