Don’t Trust These Hijab Girls

She who covereth her sins shall perish,
Like a beautiful blemish that had to terribly tarnish.
The truth of the guise is that there’s no truth in their guise,
Of a fact is the truth buried in their luring lies.

Under the veil of a Veronica
unveils the erotica.
Of what name shall we call her,
who is a sweet tale in every man’s bed?
Of what name shall we call her,
who covers her head and still goes ahead to give head?

For majority, religion is the chain they’re being tied to,
To some, Hijab sister is only a title; “They’re all true Muslimah,” dang! We’re being lied to.

A stain you’re, a haram to Islam;
You bring gloom to the guiding lamp.
Trust not these Hijab sisters
who cover up in holiness and underneath filthiness whispers.

For how long shall you cover your lies?
Know that Waterloo awaits a melting ice.
As long as you disguise under this guise,
A thousand ‘astaghfirullah’ won’t take away the lie.

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