Cold by Peaceudo on ZenPens

Just thirteen years old
Wondering why the world was so cold
Always timid, never bold
“Boldness is a luxury,”she was told
And to Madam Gold she was sold
Her tiny breasts, for the old to fold
Her little buttocks, for the young to hold
Her innocence, no longer hers to uphold
All these for just pieces of gold
Which she handed over to stern Madam Gold
In return for dried pieces of bread and tea already cold
They said love exists, but no, that wasn’t true
Because she wondered and had no clue
Why she was made to sleep under the midnight dew
On days she made gold, only but a few
Getting older, her desire for men grew
And with time she knew
With this lifestyle, she’ll never be through
Cause only that way, up and up here self-worth flew

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