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My First Love

My heart was once closed with keys and padlocks,
My soul was once behind curtains and veils of protection,
My words were quiet as a deaf blonde child and they were once the burning fire that set up a fire…
My lips were once cracked, my tongue was as dry as a Sahara desert, my eyes were as pale as hungry zombie’s…
And my body was once a land full with dryness and bruises of loneliness..
But now…
My heart is open by his love
And I closed her with keys and padlocks of our love, my souls is now a free bird..
And my words are now sweet as a musical instrument and a flowing ocean are my words,
My body is now a magical land.. a shinny diamond is my body
My eyes are shinny as a sun
My face is now flawless
My lips are now soft like a babies palm and his kiss made my tongue a river…
I’m now a beautiful angelic princess with a prince charming
And I never believed in true love but his eyes made me
And he never loved my body only the inner me..
We shared my hands, elbows and knees and that’s our love..
And he always kissed my forehead and said,
“The day I will kiss you is the day I will put you a ring.”

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